Foreword of theChairman


I have been involved in the medical field for over 30 years with various posts, ENT Consultant, Chief of Boards in Al-Estiqlal Hospital,Former Director of Medical Services in M.O.I Qatar and Medical Advisor for V.I.P's for over 20 years till date.

In private sector, I have established the first diagnostic center (Gulf Laboratory & X-Ray) in Qatar year 1989 followed by (Al Arabi X-Rray & Medical Lab Center).

Our Diagnostic Centers accept the strategic challenges to build on our increasingly strong track records and have always strived to retain our original commitment to the very highest level of standards. We exerted our tremendous efforts to equip our centers with the latest technology tools - through our dedicated team Consultants and Technicians through the unique and distinctly personal environment.

I am very conscious of the shared sense of pride in our centers and have great pleasure in paying tribute to everyone who has played a part in delivering our services or in shaping and influencing them. All these won't be possible without the partners between clinical and managerial teams and increasing engagement with the people who use our services.

I firmly believed that early diagnosis of all diseases will lead to better treatment and cure.

Dr. Marwan Jamil Al-Qatami
General Manager


Gulf Laboratory and X-Ray is a leading Diagnostic Center in the State of Qatar established in 1989 with the most advanced and updated technology in the Laboratory, Radiology, Ultrasonography, Computed Tomography (CT Scan), latest open MRI (SIEMENS), Panoramic X-Ray, Mammogram aspects. The diagnostic center is run by consultants in clinical pathology and diagnostic radiology with highly qualified technicians.
The company is founded by Dr. Marwan Al Qatami, a consultant ENT and a former medical advisor for the M.O.I. Being the General Manager, he ensures that all the equipment are up to date by attending Conferences and Seminars around the world to maintain an accuracy and speedy service to the customers.
The laboratory is certified under Biorad External Quality Assurance Program aside from the internal Quality Control being practiced in each section.

Gulf Laboratory & X-Ray has the biggest private medical team available in the State of Qatar. The team is comprised of several medical consultants, university professor's and specialists for consultation and service.

All our centers are adequately staffed with skilled and experienced medical technologists to accommodate needs without any delay or hindrance. The entire medical crew working for all four locations are licensed and registered with the National Health Authority.

As part of Gulf Laboratory & X-Ray's strive for excellence, the labs have implemented visiting consultants program, whereby they will train staff members for the latest technologies and procedures. The management implies comprehensive quality improvement and control audits to ensure that all tests, procedures and practices adhere to the highest level of standardization.

To become the first choice diagnostic provider for the customers in healthcare industry that we engage in.
To maintain the highest international standards of laboratory and radiology services and health awareness to serve better our keep our patients, clients and the community.

To enhance the welfare of our greater community by providing reliable, timely and cost effective Medical laboratory and radiology services supported by extensive research and education.

We value service over self-interest.
We ensure the safety of our patient is the center of everything we do.
We respect the individual and believe that those who are treated with respect and given responsibility respond by giving their best.
We will strive to be friendly and courteous as well as fair and compassionate.
We are responsible and accountable for our own behavior and how others perceive us. We make commitments and we do what we say.
We achieve excellence through the continuous pursuit of the highest standards in healthcare quality.
We strive to identify new and better ways of accomplishing our goals through continues learning by taking risk, creativity and collaboration.
We care for our community because their health and well being is the core of our existence.